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What other people are saying about us...

Jane's training and guidance completely transformed my life. Her approach to meditation, mindfulness and spiritual development is revolutionary. As a teacher she is without equal and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Marcus Oakey

CEO of Your Charisma Coach Ltd

Jane's strategies for improving concentration are like a lightning bolt to the mind. I really enjoyed the mix of science, theory, & practical application. The results are unmistakable and will improve all aspects of your life.

Aslen Claymore

CEO of Lifeloaded Ltd

I was lucky to meet Jane just when I needed it most. Her techniques have helped me enormously to expand my awareness and wake up my warrior within. Jane's training can really help you transform your life.

Hayley Quinn

International speaker, TV personality, Founder of

Jane's teachings are absolutely necessary for all... A true hidden gem. Get her books, go to her seminars, take on whatever she is offering because you absolutely need to learn this stuff!!!

Sasha Lazarev

Founder and CEO of Sasha Daygame Ltd

Thank you Jane, for everything you've helped me with. Your advice was very timely and carried the wisdom and insight I needed. You have a very special gift to share with others.

Magnus Archer

Founder of

Jane is possibly the most intuitive, insightful person I have ever met, with incredible energy and passion for what she does! I feel privileged to know her.

Charli Cohen

Founder and Creative Director at Charli Cohen

Jane is a great teacher. If you want to change your life and feel you’re not living your true potential yet, she can really help you on many different levels.
I wholeheartedly recommend her training.

Jachym Jerie

Founder of Hypnotic Tranceformation

Working with Jane brought huge shifts in my awareness and evolution as a human being and she has been a crucial part of my own spiritual journey. Jane will help you foster a warrior mindset and become more aware of your own energy. I am eternally thankful for her support.

Sam Power

Founder of Transcend The Mind

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